Knowledge of Computer Science (short summary)

  • Specialty: Software Engineering
  • 10+ years of professional programming experience
  • Solid and broad knowledge of computer science (e.g. architecture, operating systems, concurrency, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, algorithms, data structures, distributed systems, security, computation theory etc.)
  • Strong understanding of software design, object-oriented and data-oriented paradigms, design principles and patterns
  • Experience with parallel and concurrent programming (both multi-threaded and multi-process)
  • Experience with high performance demands
  • Strong math foundations and aptitudes: logic, algebra, arithmetic, geometry

  • Main Programming Languages
    • C++ ('98, '11, '14, '17')
    • Python
    • Java
    • C
    • Haskell
    • Prolog
    • PL/SQL (Oracle)
    • Angelscript
    • Lua

    Main Libraries and standards
    Tools and more
    • GCC, Clang, ICC
    • CMake, CTest, Makefiles, CMT
    • GDB, JDB, PDB, TotalView
    • Valgrind, Memcheck, Massif
    • Cppcheck, clang-tidy, Coverity
    • CORBA
    • TBB, OpenMP
    • GIT, Hg, P4, SVN, CVS
    • Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jira
    • Travis, AppVeyor, Codecov
    • bash, csh/tcsh
    • Eclipse, Sublime, MSVC
    • Doxygen, Markdown, HTML, XML
    • LaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX, PGF/TikZ
    • Gnuplot

    Operating Systems
    • Linux/AIX/Unix
    • Windows

    Language Skills

    Mother Language Portuguese

    Other Languages *
    English French Spanish
    Reading Proficient User (C2) Independent User (B2) Independent User (B2)
    Writing Proficient User (C2) Independent User (B1) Basic User (A1)
    Listening Proficient User (C1) Independent User (B2) Independent User (B1)
    Speaking Proficient User (C1) Independent User (B2) Basic User (A1)

    * According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    ATLAS award
    Outstanding achievement award

    Software design
    A discussion of design choices for scope_guard shows how I approach software design

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